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Ketodontist Podcast

Jan 6, 2019

Hello again gang!  Today we're doing a bit different of a show in that we are going to give you a peak behind the curtain of our family.  Today's guest is Dr. Matt's wife Sara Joy.  We thought it'd be fun to sit down and hear her experience of being brought along on this keto and low carb journey.  In this episode we discuss:

What Sara's life and diet was like before Keto and primal lifestyle

The challenges of being supportive and making change when only one spouse is obese.  

How health and lifestyle changes can put stress on a family

How communication and honesty is paramount in going through this journey as a couple

Why you don't want to try to "change" your spouse or be too pushy

Sara Joy's own crisis with her baby weight and feeling of shame and guilt

Sara Joy's own experience and results from Ketogains Bootcamps

How stress and life can knock us off course, and how to get back on track



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