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Ketodontist Podcast

Dec 14, 2019

Hello and welcome back to the Ketodontist Podcast! In this episode I'm going to discuss why grains, even the "heart healthy whole grains", are overrated and should not be considered the mainstay of a healthy diet. IMO, this goes beyond just the low carb, keto, or paleo folks. Considering the poor nutritional qualities...

Dec 7, 2019

Welcome back gang! Today I wanted to discuss something that just has NOT been talked about enough, and that Crossfit and their recent wins in the political landscape. They have really be fighting the good fight against some corruption and cronyism and within the last few weeks they scored some major victories. In...

Dec 1, 2019

Welcome back to the Ketodontist Podcast!  It's been a while ;)

Apologies for the leave of absence, but we're back in action!  In this show we're gonna tackle two topics:

  • The Game Changers "Documentary"
  • Review of Dr. Shawn Baker's book The Carnivore Diet

Show notes and resources:

Medium's Game Changers Review Pt 1:

Mar 3, 2019

Welcome to episode 35!  Today's episode is going to be a close and personal one.  In a world full of Insta-models and fake gurus, very few people show the real side of themselves.  This episode is about being honest and genuine.  And it was made in response to those who say they can't change.  To those who say they...

Feb 23, 2019

Welcome back Ketodontist fam!  We're back in action with a new episode for you today.


So as you may have been able to tell by the title of today's show, it's a bit of a different focus than our normal show.  I want to give the lowdown of the dental insurance business, and really explain how much of crock it is.  You...