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Ketodontist Podcast

Dec 15, 2018

Welcome back to episode 31 of the Ketodontist Podcast! Today, we have a guest on the show Brenda Richards. After spending most of her adult life yo-yo dieting, she had to make a drastic change to lose weight and opted for weight loss surgery. After her “honeymoon phase” was over, and still had more changes she needed to make, she adopted a whole foods, nutrient dense version of a ketogenic diet, as well as strength training. She is now a coach for Ketogains Bootcamps, and is a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. [youtube] In this episode we discuss: Brenda’s personal story leading up to her decision to change. The side effects and complications of weight loss surgery. How surgery only got her so far and why massive diet change was still needed. What got her started down the low carb path Groups and communities that were instrumental in setting her down the right path. How she went from being a Ketogains Bootcamp client to a Bootcamp Coach. Her journey from being an intimidated, inexperienced lifter to lover of strength training And MORE! You can reach out to Brenda on Instagram. Her handle is @empoweredbyketo. You can also find her on the Ketogenic Dieters and Ketogains Facebook group pages. Also, Ketogains Bootcamps now has a new snazzy portal system. Next round of Bootcamps starts up January 7th. Bootcamps have been extended to 8 weeks, and there are now subscription options available. Learn more at Lastly, if you are looking for a smart, no-nonsense approach to getting started with keto checkout Robb Wolf’s Keto Masterclass. You can sign up and support the show at