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Ketodontist Podcast

Feb 9, 2020

Hello again folks!  I am very excited about today's guest.  Dr. Bill Schindler is the founder and director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland and the co-star of both the National Geographic series, The Great Human Race and Curiosity Stream’s, The Modern Stone Age Family.  

He is a food archaeologist, primitive technologist and chef.  He travels the world documenting traditional food ways and works to draw inspiration from the deep archaeological record, rich and diverse ethnographic record and modern culinary world to create food solutions that are relevant, meaningful and accessible today.  Bill is a strong advocate of traditional foodways and is constantly seeking new ways to incorporate lessons learned from his research into the diets of modern humans.  His outlook on food has revolutionized the way in which he and his family eat and he attributes much of the health his wife and three children enjoy to the nutrient dense hunted, gathered, and fermented foods that comprise a significant portion of their diets.  He empowers people around the world to eat like humans again by reconnecting them with their food, past, environment and communities through speaking, teaching and writing. 

Dr. Schindler's website: 

Eastern Shore Food Lab:

Social media (instagram, facebook, twitter): @drbillschindler 


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