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Ketodontist Podcast

Mar 19, 2018

Welcome back to episode 17 of the Ketodontist Podcast.  In today's show Dr. Matt will be giving his $0.02 on a topic that we get a lot of questions about:  Ketone supplements, also known as exogenous ketones.  As someone who has used these for weeks and months in the past, Dr. Matt is going to give you his honest opinion and share the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

Note:  We found a GREAT blog post by Virta Health that is very much inline with this episode that we found after it the show was recorded.  So while it's not mentioned in the episode, we wanted to link it in the show notes.  

We hope you enjoy this brutally honest episode on a very controversial topic.  


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Resources and Links from this episode:

The video of the dude drinking ketones in Costa Rica (the antithesis of what Dr. Matt believes):

Affiliate link to Robb Wolf's Keto Masterclass:

Affiliate link to Dr. Matt's Pruvit store (Cannot stress enough, these are in no way necessary and are a luxury at best):

Virta Health's excellent blog post that we found after recording this episode:

Dr. Peter Attia's personal experience with exogenous ketones: