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Ketodontist Podcast

Dec 1, 2018

Welcome back to episode 30 of the Ketodontist Podcast! After a bit of a break, we're right back at it. Today, we have a guest on the show Mike Berta. Mike has been low carb for a few years, and over this summer performed a self week-long experiment where he tried to consume 90% of his calories from fat to replicate an...

Sep 3, 2018

Welcome back to the Ketodontist Podcast!  Today we are talking about fat, saturated fat in particular.  With the recent claims that coconut oil is “pure poison”, we wanted to dive into this topic and shine some light.  In this episode we discuss:   Is coconut oil worse than other fat sources? Is saturated fat...

Aug 29, 2018

Welcome to Episode 28: Will Low Carb Kill You?


In this episode we unpack a Lancet study that the media has just been having a hay day with.  In this episode we discuss:


Dr. Matt’s recap of Low Carb USA

Why we have to take observational studies with a grain of salt

Why “Correlation does not imply causation”


Jul 24, 2018

Welcome back KDP tribe!  Today is going to be a more brief episode in where Dr. Matt gives his accountability update before heading off to San Diego and also answers a question received on Instagram about fearing insulin.  In this episode we cover:

What insulin is and it's functions in the body

Why insulin isn't to be...

Jul 16, 2018

Welcome back to the Ketodontist podcast!  Today we interview Jeremy McAlister.

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